Review Policy

        • If you are a publisher, publicist, or author and would like to contact us to review a book please email us HERE!
        • Next to reading books, talking about them is one of our favorite things! We’d love to hear from you about books!
        • When we receive books as advanced reader copies before publication we always review them honestly. We are not in any way compensated for any review or obligated to give it. We enjoy writing about what we like/love and wouldn’t recommend/give a high rating to something we didn’t sincerely enjoy reading.
        • When we dislike a book that we are committed to reviewing, we try to constructively describe what it was that we didn’t like while still giving an honest evaluation of the story.
        • Our goal for review titles is to post an honest review within the following time frame: up to 8 weeks before published date or 8 weeks after. If you have a specific time frame in mind for your title please communicate that time frame when you contact us and we will consider it before we accept your review title.
        • Books received for review are not guaranteed a review. Sometimes, despite our best attempts, we really can’t get into a book, or occasionally it just isn’t for us. We’d rather move on to the next book than finish it only to write a negative review.
        • We review mostly YA, but have recently started reviewing Middle Grade, Chapter Books, Picture Books and Adult Books with YA crossover appeal.
        • We also post our reviews on Goodreads.
        • Sorry, we are currently not accepting indie titles for review consideration.