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TTT: Ten Facts About Me

Posted July 12, 2016 by Samantha in Top Ten Tuesday / 3 Comments

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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and Bookish. :)

I’m so excited to read everyone’s responses to this week’s top ten! I love hearing more about bloggers beyond their reading habits (or more about those!).

1.) I turn 22 towards the end of this month. When I was younger*, I would celebrate my birthday (29th), then my mom’s (the 30th), and then Harry Potter’s (the 31st).

*I still do this, but in a lowkey way.

2.) I’m starting grad school next month, and my goal is to eventually work in editorial *fingers crossed*.

3.) I love eyeliner. I’ve been winging it since I was 15 (get the pun there? ;D).

(This is me in full makeup, so you can see what I mean)


4.) I’m terribly impatient. I’ve been working on incorporating new recipes into my week, but I have to stick to easier recipes that don’t take too much time because I get too frustrated waiting.

5.) This might sound weird, but one of my most enjoyable summers was spent writing my undergrad thesis. I had a December graduation, so my timeline for writing it was a little different than the usual one, meaning I did the bulk of my writing in the summer to turn it in for the fall. I had a part time job with Fridays off, so I spent almost every Friday at a nearby Panera with soup and a bagel, immersing myself in stories and theories that I loved.

6.) I’m really passionate about learning, and I hope that I’ll be able to keep a continuous education going throughout my life, whether that might be through an occasional night class, a free online class, or dedicating a few weeks to reading nonfiction on a specific topic.

7.) I currently have 3 tattoos: a Jane Austen quote, a Shakespeare quote, and wings. I’m hoping to make it 5 by winter.

8.) I’ve become a big fan of My Little Pony in the last several months. During a major depression and anxiety-ridden time that I’m still working through, I needed something to watch that had no romance, was uplifting, not too emotional or dramatic, and was okay for both attentive watching and for background noise. There are very, very few shows that fit that bill, and MLP is one of them.

9.) My goal is to one day have a one-bedroom apartment. As a student for so many years (and more coming), one bedroom apartment prices seem so expensive (compared to studios), but I hope that eventually I’ll have a job I care about making enough for that in a small to mid-sized city I like with a dog or two.

10.) I went back and forth over whether I prefer hardbacks or paperbacks for the longest time, but I am now officially and firmly preferring paperbacks.

What are some facts about you?


Top Ten Tuesday: Books Without Romance

Posted June 28, 2016 by Samantha in Top Ten Tuesday / 9 Comments
Top Ten Tuesday: Books Without Romance

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