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Hi everyone! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for THE LOVE THAT SPLIT THE WORLD by Emily Henry! Emily is here today giving us a character playlist for Natalie. Enjoy, and be sure to check out this wickedly cool book!

Character playlist #1 (for Natalie)

I have to admit, while I had a massive playlist I made right after I wrote The Love That Split the World, making a playlist for Natalie was a real challenge for me. I went back and forth for a while about whether it should represent her as a character or be the playlist she listens to in her car. Because I also have a playlist for the book itself, I decided it would be more fun to dream up what Natalie listens to when she’s driving around with Megan at night, and the result as been, I think, and incredibly fun Girl Power™ mix. (Link here:

1. Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams: I don’t think darling TaySway is Natalie’s favorite but I do think Natalie is a huge fan of Taylor’s lyrical honesty and the way she’s reshaped her image and musical identity to be what she wants it to be, rather than what she suspects her fans want from her. I definitely think Megan and Natalie would drive around singing some of Taylor’s old country-pop songs at the top of their lungs, but I think they especially have mad respect for everything on 1989. There’s such a girl-pop throwback vibe to the whole album, and I can absolutely imagine Nat and Megan belting this out as it plays at a school dance or on the radio.

2. Sheryl Crow – Strong Enough: Natalie has the version of this song Sheryl Crow sings with Stevie Nicks as her ringtone. It’s a beautiful, sad, and already classic song, and Nat’s got enough country in her to deeply love it.

3. Beachwood Sparks – Forget The Song: I think this sums up how Nat’s feeling about Matt, her ex-boyfriend and still one of her closest friends. Trying to move on from him has been a very complicated process

4. The Cranberries – Dreams: This one’s a bit more on the nose. The beginnings of all Natalie’s visions, her encounters with Grandmother, her introduction to Beau all come back to dreams. The lyrics are so fitting: All my life/ is changing everyday/ in every possible way and You’re a dream to me both fit Nat’s situation pretty perfectly.

5. Bon Iver – Skinny Love: This song’s so tragic but also tender. I think it fits for more than one of Natalie’s relationships. TLTSTW takes place in a time of change for her. There’s a lot of holding on and letting go happening, and I think “Skinny Love” carries that feeling.

6. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness: I mean… does this one really need an explanation? Lovely, tragic, perfect for the kind of summer Nat’s having. She’s having a whirlwind romance while feeling like so much of her life is slipping through her fingers. This song’s perfect for what she’s going through.

7. Go Sailor – I Just Do: “I Just Do” is such a sweet first-love song. I love how it feels like a story of two strangers building something strange and right between them, which is very Natalie and Beau. I especially like the lines I offered romance to you by mistake/ Still you laugh at most every joke that I make/I’m in love with that.

8. Halsey – Ghost: Like with “Wildest Dreams,” I’m just sure Nat respects the he** (HECK, I was going to say HECK) out of Halsey. I also have frequently referred to this book as a “not-quite-ghost story,” which I’m not going to explain, but I think makes sense once you’ve read it. Hopefully.

9. Yaël Naïm – Toxic: Mostly I’m just convinced Nat would love this cover of the Britney Spears song “Toxic” but I also think it works. To be totally honest, Beau isn’t a completely healthy person and Nat’s draw to him is scary strong. Falling in like or love isn’t always like this but every once in awhile, some of us (cough, cough, NOT me, of course) are drawn to people before they’ve given us a reason to be, or worse, when you’re pretty sure there’s a good reason not to be. Outwardly Beau appears much more “dangerous” than what Natalie’s used to.

10. The Church -Under The Milky Way: JUST. SO. FUN. I can picture Nat and Megan leaving a school dance early and driving to some sticky field to blare their own decades-spanning playlist and lie on the hood of Meg’s car. This would be on it. Plus there are a couple of star-gazing scenes in the book, so… you know.

11. Cat Power – Sea of Love: This might be Nat and Megan’s song. I definitely think their friendship feels like this–a sea of love, encompassing and warm and endless. It’s perfect for them.

12. Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out: I love how hopeful and bright this song is. It gives me chills all the time. Nat’s a person who rides significant highs and lows and this is the sort of song that feels like those two experiences braided together. It captures that feeling of having survived something incredibly difficult, and being able to celebrate before the darkness has fully cleared.

13. Nico – The Fairest of the Seasons: This song makes sense on, like, 3,000 different levels for Natalie, but superseding all of them is the fact that I’m convinced Nat absolutely loves Nico. I think she’d admire that the strangeness of Nico’s voice is her greatest attribute, that she makes beautiful things just by being herself, something Natalie’s trying really hard to learn how to do.

14. Dixie Chicks – Top of the World: Nat has to have some country on her playlists, and this song is perfect for an introspective, self-analyzing teen like herself.

15. HAIM – Don’t Save Me: This song sounds so fun but the lyrics are sort of heavy. It’s indicative of the push and pull Nat’s feeling toward the hometown she’s been wanting to escape for awhile now. Plus Nat has that same kind of outlook: she’s funny and seemingly lighthearted but underneath that, she’s dealing with some heavy stuff. She’s a highly sensitive person wrapped in a playful outerlayer, liiiiiiike this songgggg (?).

16. Peter Gabriel – Don’t Give Up (ft. Kate Bush): This is a beautiful, synthy, magical pop duet (There’s also an amazing cover by Feist and Timber Timbre) that really portrays powerful love and support. The music video, to me, is at once wonderfully cheesy and incredibly moving. Kate Bush is not only a pop queen, but she features modern dance heavily in a lot of her videos, and the absence of movement in this, the intentional decision to just have her and Peter Gabriel clinging to one another, gets me every time. It’s very Beau & Nat. Plus, that hair!
17. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers: I’m realizing more of these could’ve gone on the TLTSTW book playlist, but they wound up here instead simply because I think Nat would listen to them. I think she’d listen to this but it’s also another good Beau/Nat song.
Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl: Nat’s no longer seventeen but this song screams nostalgia, which is something I set out to infuse the book with (and have been so pleased to see associated with the book by some reviewers!) and something Nat’s experiencing a ton of as she looks forward to life beyond her hometown, a world beyond everything she’s known.  

the love

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